Why EPDM ?

Epdm has been around a long time. It has been used extensively covering flat roofs in the USA and Europe for more than 40 years. Thus it has a proven track record. All the life expectancy claims are based on actual use in extreme conditions from arctic Alaska to sweltering Dubai. it has been laid in sizes from 20,000 sq ft to a 4 ft sq chicken coop such is EPDM'S versatility


With it's extreme flexibility and durability EPDM is the ideal covering for all kinds of roofs not just flat roofs or small roofs but pitched and extremely large roofs. Because of its ease of laying it is also suitable for gutters, valleys, dormer roofs, outbuildings, damp-proofing and even lining large resouvoirs. Because EPDM is such a versatile long lasting material it is used in the motor trade, window trade and engineering trade, in fact anywhere a gasket or other watertight seal is needed you may be sure of finding some variety of EPDM

Self Adhesive EPDM

Hardwearing, made to take the rigours of a commercial environment
Benefits: 2.5mm thick, reinforced, non slip surface, can be overlaid, easy to handle rolls 1m x 10m

Uses:  Balconies, Flat roofs, Orangeries, Gutters, Valleys, Residential or commercial roofs.

Simple, Clean, easy to use EPDM sheets cut to size

40+ year life expectancy, Commercial or residential use. Roofer or DIYer, Flat roofs or pitched roofs

Ideal for General builder or professional roofer this is a simple, clean, easy system, most extensions, garages or sheds can be done in One Piece. Using our bespoke trim system the average roof can be recovered in a matter of hours. 
For awkward shapes or large sizes the "One piece" system has an easy,clean self sealing joining system which requires no special tools or knowledge.
If you thought falling off a bike was easy, you will be amazed at just how easy this roofing system is.

Available in 3m, 6.1m or 9.15m width up to 30.5m in length.

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