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Having a leaky roof can be massively costly if the roof isn't renovated soon. If water starts to rot the superstructure of the building you can be looking at an enormous bill for repairs, so pay attention to your roofs condition and consult a professional if you have doubts about its goodness.

If you currently have a flat roof on a part of your property they often are susceptible to problems and so it is now common practice to convert a flat roof into a pitched roof. We offer expert help and advise, so call for a free quotation


Like everything else, we do not account for our roofs to go wrong, we assume that the roof will last forever and therefore do not account in our bugets for any cost to repair or improve them. We do however spend the largest amunt of our incomes on a mortgage and maintaning our homes and shoudl really look at the maintenance of our roofs and guttering yearly. for a a local Grays roofer to give you a free estimate please contact us on the telephone number above.

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Property Extention 

With the ever increase costs of moving homes, people are tending to extend and improve their exsisting homes with side and rear single and double story extendions, so what ever your building or modernising plans are, you want the best possible company on your roof as this is the most iomprotant aspect of your home.

Flat roofspitched roofs, eaves, dormers and bespoke roofs are catered for, we offer a professional service 2nd to none with  


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